Industry Standards of B2B Marketing KPIs

I received many questions after I released the Marketing KPI Tracking Dashboard two weeks ago that sounded like this: What are good valued for the KPIs that I track? I was reluctant to concrete answers as I feel that might lead some people in the wrong direction.

So most of the times my my answer was: It depends. It depends on your business model, stage, industry, geography, competition. It also depends on what you or your investor are happy with. In short: One can not tell in general.

Yet, the great guys from Insight Partners tried to do just that in a very creative way:

Insight Partners Marketing KPI Periodic B2B Table

Though I disagree with giving general KPI goals without knowing what one is actually doing, this might give some people (note: in the B2B world) figures to orient themselves on. I however believe this to be a little dangerous, because what works for some might not work for you. It also makes you feel content too easy when you reach a KPI someone else gave you, while there might be leeway to improve. Nevertheless, it is great to use when you feel you are off track too much.