Interactive map of the European FinTech landscape

We see the disruption in almost every traditional product offering of bank. We currently monitor 480 FinTech startups in Europe. Most of them focus on one category only. Others compete against banks – and against each other – in two or three categories.

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To better understand the industry, we started mapping it. First we had lists. We soon realized that having a single dimensional list did not do justice. Our portfolio company for example does personal finance management within its retail bank account. And offers the functionality to send money easily from peer to peer. Hence it competes directly with peer to peer wallets. And with other personal finance management startups. Lists were difficult to maintain.


I then started to build mind maps. However, the end nodes of mind maps also only arch back to one category. So we had to duplicate startups and hook them to category nodes. Not very sexy.

Finally, I started to develop a view that I believe does justice to this multidimensional industry: a self sorting graph. Startups are hooked to the main categories they operate in. This allows to understand one category within FinTech, but also which startup competes with who.


The map is based on sigma.js (read this for more on this great JavaScript framework) and Force Atlas 2 (read this for the math behind it) – a graph layout algorithm on top of a JSON export fed by a MySQL database – I believe to now have found a great way of displaying the connection between the multiple startups within the European FinTech Industry.

Feel free to play around with it – please add startups that we missed – and give feedback to “schmincke at earlybird dot com”.

  • Phil

    Great work -lots of players, but also lots of winners? #idautit?

  • simonschmincke

    Phil – #idautit that all that all of them will. But chances are high that some will ;)

  • Anastasia

    Hi Simon, terrific work! is there a way to separate out P2P consumer lending? thanks!

    • simonschmincke

      Anastasia, thanks for the feedback. I thought about how to handle P2P Lending – and I decided to view it from the Investors (creditor) perspective. Hence put it under “Investment” – and at the same time “Peer to Peer”. Have a look at those startups that are connected to those two categories and you should find it.

  • Pieter van Prooijen

    Nice. Can you also select multiple categories? How?

    • simonschmincke

      Peter – thanks. Also appreciate that input that this is a needed feature. That is the next thing I am working on. As a full time VC I only find so much time to code ;(

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  • Reuben Levy

    This is seriously cool. Please check out my market map: Maybe worth converging?

  • Frank Szendzielarz

    Inspiring stuff !