VC, Dad, Photographer, Fly Fisher, Developer.

I now live in Stockholm to work for Creandum, I invest in Europe and spend time with the family in the US.

I still like good products, sleek UI and when the designer thought about the 404 page as well. And when someone thought about the font-design of the checkout page.

I like when people think about the little things that only few notice, but when they do, love the product even more.

I believe in data, and in management by data.

I believe in platforms in general. I like leverage and when few people with little resources can change the lives of many. I like when people build platforms that others use to build something even greater. And then participate in the underlying technology.

I find this in devtech and fintech. I also worked and invested in consumer tech.

I used to work work for Earlybird Venture Capital, and had the opportunity to meet the founders of Ascribe, Bonagora, CartoDB, Cashboard, Enevo, Movinga, Number26 and RhodeCode.

That’s it.
Simon Schmincke