Example Seed Stage VC Pitch Deck

Berlin is growing, Berlin is #tech, Berlin is seeing exits. All is good. All goes like planned.

2 years into the industry, I meet great teams who build phenomenal products that one day might have substantial impact on society. However, in #Berlin, selling what you are doing can still be improved. The first cohort @Techstars Berlin demonstrated how to pitch your startup on another level. Impressive. This is new, and this is part of the game as well.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to get pitch training and (from what I hear) animators and designers to build their pitch decks at Techstars. For those, I built a skeleton pitch deck to cover the basics. I have been sending this slide deck out maybe 20 or 30 times so far, whenever it was too early for us to invest for us but I felt the company could benefit from telling their story better. So far, the feedback was good so I decided to offer it to everyone.

Others have built great sample pitch decks to help early stage entrepreneurs before. This is my thought on the matter. Please take it with a grain of salt.

Download Example Pitch Deck as PDF (pay with a tweet)

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